Reply To: Help with Sleep


Is he on stimulants during the day or just the ADHD itself is causing lack of sleep? My son is 9 and was always an early riser but slept thru the night until starting Vyvanse at age 6. Vyvanse has done wonders for his ADHD but has caused major sleep issues. He takes melatonin to fall asleep but of course it doesn’t keep him asleep, so he is usually up 3-4x during the night and up for the day around 4-5am. We’ve tried some of the prescribed meds mentioned above without any luck or they caused even more side effects. I’m worried about adding herbs or other otc/natural sleep aids because of possible interactions with the stimulants. Its a tough situation and seems like there is no middle ground. I have heard good things about valerian and lemon balm, but again, there’s not enough research to know about the drug interactions it may have with stimulants.