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Thanks for the suggestions! I found the one I had see on Facebook. It’s this one: The Octopus. It looks a little bit more childlike with its pictures, but my son is very visual and I think will respond better to the photo prompts than the word prompts. Due to his school’s strict uniform policy, this would be an at-home tool. So I’m not concerned about him being teased at school because of it being a little more “little kid” like.

I also liked that it had an app, so that as he marks things off, I get notifications (like say feeding the pets) and can create some sort of positive feedback. Really just trying to help him gain some independence in the mornings and afternoons-he won’t always have me around to nudge him to his next task. For example, this morning (like lots of mornings) – he was just walking around in the living room. He had 10 minutes before he had to leave. He had ate breakfast and gotten dressed, but his lunch wasn’t made – his teeth weren’t brushed, his hair wasn’t combed. These are things he knows how to do and he doesn’t mind doing. He wasn’t being bad, he wasn’t playing. He was just stuck. All he needed was a prompt to complete the next task. All I had to say was “hey bud, did you brush your teeth?” And his response was “oooooooh….yeaaaah, no” and he ran off to do it. But if I hadn’t come out of my room (was getting myself ready for work) – who knows if he would have stopped pacing in the living room.