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My son is on Concerta 27 mg. We’ve tried other medications because of issues with insurance, but none of worked as well as Concerta for my son – so we’ve cut a lot of extras out of the budget in order to afford it.

Our insurance covers the generic Concerta, the ones with “ALZA” printed on the pills. Which I believe works in exactly the same manner as the name brand. We’ve only ever tried the name brand and Alza. So I can’t speak to the other generics out there. I will say, Concerta works a lot better than other stimulants for my son.

Appetite suppression is the main side effect my son experiences. At almost 12, he still gets presented with a child’s menu at every restaurant we go to, he’s so small. So his doctor did recommend not giving the medication to him on the weekends and on school breaks so that he would get some added calories in during those times. We never noticed any “withdrawal” symptoms. He just behaved how he would unmedicated. Up until recently we had been practicing that. He’s interacting independently more on weekends with peers and has more weekend homework assignments, and has the knowledge of side effects to know that even though he doesn’t “feel” hungry his body still needs to eat. So, with his input, he’s been taking his medication during the weekend too. He says he feels it helps him make better choices when he’s with his friends and helps him do his homework on the weekends. He asked for help to remember to eat.

I’m sorry your family is not supportive of your decision. I would talk to your daughter and see what she says about what she is experiencing. Your daughter can give you first hand information about what she is feeling.