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Our daughter (14) has been on various medication combo’s since age 7. She started on Concerta, but not the generic. It wasn’t effective enough, but definitely helped, long story short, she tried different meds and combos until getting the right mix for her. It is true there were some issues with Concerta at night when the meds wore off, anger issues. However, the pluses outweighed the negatives. Nobody wants to give their children medicine, but ADD/ADHD is, in some ways, “brain damage” and the medicine helps it, not the other way around. Our daughters life has been helped, not injured, by the stimulants she takes. She can now read, function (keep up) in the classroom, have an active social life etc. etc. The few times over the years we have tried to reduce her dosages have reminded us of what life was like before medications, constant stress from arguing, frustration with inability to finish homework, I could go on and on. Regarding taking weekend breaks, we’ve found it not helpful, as she usually does homework on weekends too, and life itself is a learning process, they miss out on too much when not focused. She never had “withdrawal” symptoms, but one thing you will hear over and over is “every child is different”. Glad to hear you are confident with your decisions, keep involved reading blogs, articles, join support groups etc. as it is a long journey with many decisions but totally worth it when you have a happy, well adjusted child.