Reply To: Daily Essential Nutrients


My son is almost 8 with ADHD using Ritalin 10mg 1.5 tabs a day. We’ve been using DEN for a little over a month, 12 caps a day. We’ve found it helped with managing the come downs from the Ritalin and his general emotional well being. We tried reducing his dose of Ritalin and found that he struggled with his impulse control and focus again so we returned to his regular dose. Since then we’re probably more on a 4 capsule twice a day routine and also use a high dose EPA fish oil (Nordic naturals EPA xtra) 4 caps a day. We’ve just run out of DEN and we’ve certainly seen a difference in his emotional control, melt down city. So we will go back on it, at least for another month, then I want to get blood tests to understand what optimum looks like for him. We’ve just done 23 and me genome testing and promethius which shows some SNPs that can impact vitamin D absorption, mthfr gene as he also has a SNP that may react poorly to vitamin E so I’d like to refine what he is getting and if possible save some money too.