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Interesting indeed… I have always been the seemingly insensitive, inconsiderate kid, but had high sensitivities to rejections, seeing innocent animals hurt, or a TV Character die. Weird, I guess. As an adult I was able to carry myself rather well without any emotional issues, until a funeral. As a teen I broke down at one, but then I noticed “extra loads” of emotions that i couldn’t control, and hated that. Happened a few other times; even when i entered a room of saddened persons, I picked up on their emotional states & mirrored them. I tend to stay away from such emotional events, Entertainment & the like… Ppl see it as being antisocial, and my Wife calls me a ‘Vulcan’ or ‘Cyborg’, too. I don’t think it’s funny, but those are fascinating, exciting beings to me. LOL I balled at my Bro-N-Law’s death & funeral, but months later at a dear older spiritual Mother-type funeral, i felt nothing. (didn’t stay for Program; paid respects, offed hugs & Bible encouragement, got a bit teary-eyed mirroring the grieving Son tho). I am worried that I had NO EMOTIONS for myself. Seems bizarre, to me….. I guess that I chose to stop it & bury, or disperse such strong emotions in order to keep functioning. I still feel the barrage of ppl’s emotions in a crowded situation, which may explains Y I choose solitude more often…

I can get anxious to Public Speaking, but once I get started, I’m great. So, I guess I have conquered by avoidance, or some unknown, unconscious effort on my part that now frees me from a lot of the pain & grief I used to feel from others. I am not sure this helps you, or even makes sense, but I am going to look into my emotional well-being & health to make sure I’m not traumatized or anything… Having ADHD, plus many aspects of Aesperger’s & within autistic realm is complicated!

Now if only I could get ovr the overwhelming contradicting feelings of loneliness that plague me-! LOLOL My Wife calls me an Enigma & a Paradox..LOLOL