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Let me start with this disclaimer: I am not a lawyer nor do I know the law on the level a lawyer would. With that being said…

I do have experience with restraining orders and from what I’ve always understood, there’s a burden of proof that must be met by the filer. There has to be evidence to show that the aggressor is putting the filer in harm’s way and that there’s a level of abuse occurring. My other understanding is that police reports must first be filed. A lot of the criteria to be met may depend on the state you live in.

Again, not a lawyer but I cannot see any reputable judge entertaining a one-time situation for an order of restraint.

Has your son ever had any interaction with this girl? I find it odd that after a one-time incident they would have this reaction, unless there’s a history there that you don’t know about. Maybe their daughter was a victim of bullying at some point and it has made them super sensitive to any and all incidents.

I hesitate at this next portion because this advice could either go great or really turn south quickly: Have you tried talking with the parents, even with the administration there? Have you apologized to them for what happened? You don’t have to divulge your son’s history or medical records, but sometimes an acknowledgment of wrong doing helps. Though we know our children and we understand many of the reasons “why” they do what they do, their behavior sometimes negatively impacts others and that needs to be held accountable. (I’ve been in so many embarrassing situations saying “sorry” I’ve lost count.)

The positive here is that it sounds like this administration is on the ball and is in support of your son. That’s a great change from the previous one! I bet the principal will be able to help calm the waters again, but if you suspect things are starting to escalate, I would get a lawyer so your interests are protected as well. Right now though, I suspect (though can’t guarantee) that the parents are talking out of frustration and a desire to protect their child which is understandable.

Hope this helps!