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Gregorje/Jill I saw your post about all you were/are able to do for your son and am impressed and envious. I suggest you also post your path to success in one of the forums for parents of younger kids since they have the advantage of time. As a single mom of 2 with a full time job and without the support of my son’s dad, I feel like I did my best at the time but I wish I had known more, tried more and was more successful since my son and I are dealing with the same issues as most on this thread. School avoidance became a big issue in my son’s junior year. He became very stressed out and I finally realized it was anxiety causing him to throw up an increasing number of mornings. As I mentioned passing the CHSPE was my son’s way out. Yes, Denise and Penny, I too realized that mental health is paramount and so am thankful the stress of school not an issue anymore.