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Your comments about emotions suggest to me that you (and others) may find the books by Brene Brown, an academic/Oprah guest, particularly this one:

The central issue discussed in her books relates to “shame,” the impact it has on us, and how to overcome it. In the book “Rising Strong,” she provides very compelling insights (from her research) that explore how resilient individuals bounce back after setbacks. Part of the equation, she suggests, is a world view that “people are doing the best they can”. Interestingly, applying this notion to how we treat ourself (self-talk and in our self-care) is ultimately about accepting that we “are enough” as we are. This can sound kind of “hokey” at first, but that root intention, to orient oneself that way, has a HUGE IMPACT on how you feel, the experiences you are willing to have, etc.. One of the things I love about her writing is that she is quite open about sharing her own struggles in this regard, so it is clear how to apply the findings to one’s own situation.

I read the above book through our public library’s online/digital “Overdrive” account; you too might be able to read it that way right now, and without having to necessarily purchase it. I know that for me, another aspect of ADD is that if too many steps are involved to access interesting information/resouces, I rarely make the effort to follow up at a later date, in part because I lose the information, and mostly because, generally speaking, I am most comfortable handling what is directly in front of me as I’m thinking about it; once I shift gears, I’m onto something else.