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I was just recently diagnosed as well. I’m 23 yo in university. I would have started the process 6 years ago, but my parents didn’t move forward with it, because I looked normal and healthy. Its a very emotional process because it is so many emotions all at the same time. It’s almost like getting glasses for you brain. The world is clearer. I felt relieved because I didn’t feel different or weird for being me or versions of me that didn’t feel like me. And when you talk to someone with ADHD, it is the best! ADHD is tailored to everyone uniquely. But you speak the same language. When you describe certain things… they just get it. It’s explaining thoughts, ideas, feelings, what may have you, but ITS COMPLETELY OKAY TO NOT BE ABLE TO DESCRIBE because somehow they get it. They can keep up. They understand the “random” connections. They put a stack, and then I stack. Until you’ve gotten somewhere