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“Sometimes you have to let your child make his own decisions & sometimes if a child has an aversion to something, there may be a good reason for it even if it seems illogical to a neurotypical parent” Totally agree !

BUT Does this include letting your high schooler avoid school ? How far do we go? Not trying to be snarky but I’m seriously exhausted and at a loss by my 16 yo school refusal. There are accommodations and supports for our kids AT school but what about when you can’t actually get them to go?

Even suggested to him to just get his GED and start our local community college next year. (He does want to go to college) But he says he doesn’t want to do that. Sorry don’t mean to take over this post but I had to ask. Penny, I know you have dealt with school
Refusal with your son – hope he is doing ok.