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Penny Williams

There’s a certain mindset that is crucial to being an effective parent for kids with ADHD, and Jen described it well — positive, mindful, accepting imperfection, and letting go some. It’s a process and a lot of work to get there, but you certainly can.

Also, taking time to ensure your own wellbeing is not selfish, and it’s certainly not bad parenting. In fact, it makes you a better parent. I promise.

No one is perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist. Instead, make a list of what is truly important in your parenting, accept that you cannot “fix” everything, and move forward one day at a time. Prioritize what’s really important, and let everything else go… at least for a little while until the important things are more stable.

You’re Not Perfect, So Stop Trying to Be

Here’s some great advice for parents with ADHD, raising kids with ADHD:

Like Mother, Like Child: When ADHD Is a Family Affair

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