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Thank you so much for sharing. I’m glad I’m not the only who knows what this feels like and that others can relate. I try to read a lot of things to better understand what they’re going through and to fix the things I’ve been doing wrong. I am trying to be everything they need but it can be hard. My youngest is the most difficult to help. His dad and I divorced when he was four. His dad is an RN, and his wife is a Nurse Practitioner and they think they know more than myself. We had a custody fight and we settled and agreed he will be with his dad most of the school week because he thought they could do better. He is actually doing worse with grades and his behavior as well. He’s a good kid but he clearly isn’t happy. His dad says everyone has ADD and makes the typical comments about trying harder, when you’re 21 and have nowhere to go don’t come to me. All the things that he shouldn’t be saying. It’s truly heartbreaking. I would love to learn to live in the moment and not stress the days I haven’t yet faced. I would also be excited to get the names of the books you recommend. Thank you AGAIN.