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I’ve seen a lot of great suggestions. I agree to what others have said. Night time routines are important, and so are day time routines. We knew if our little one took a nap past say 2:00 in the afternoon, the evening was going to be ROUGH. So no naps after that. I seem to be the one to always follow the routine a bit more than the husband (kids actually prefer husband over me, but alas – they get me), so I do the nightly routine. I don’t mind. It goes more smoothly, so I’m less stressed, the kids are less stressed and the husband is less stressed. Perhaps he can contribute in a different way, like tidying the kitchen while you’re doing the bedtime routine. BUT I also don’t stay in the room, I say the good nights – give the kisses, make sure the “sleepy time friend” is tucked in with them, make sure the electronics leave the room with me (electronics in the room are just too distracting for our group so no electronic devices stay in the room at night time), I make sure the fan is on low, the night light is on and I shut the door behind me.

My son was a very very pick eater. To the point where he actually attended several counseling sessions to address the situation. His pediatrician told me to focus on the protein source of the meal – have him start there first. To not worry if he missed a meal, and not feel his belly with empty calories. If I was concerned, I could add protein shakes to his diet. And not to be afraid to add things like an extra scope of real butter to his mashed potatoes or give him a glass of whole milk. But to stay away from snacking.

If you stick with it, and continue working the kinks out, you’ll find what works for you.

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