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NO ONE IS TOO OLD TO LIVE A BETTER LIFE. 47 yr old female here. Finally diagnosed with ADHD at age 39 (I cried in my doctor’s office and said: I think I have AdD!!! Please help me) He confirmed it & told me: if you have Thyroid disease or Diabetes do you pray it away? Do you do yoga? Do you just take a few vitamins? NO! You take doctor prescribed medication to help balance your body and feel/live better. The same for your children. You don’t tell them to just “tough it out” if they have juvenile diabetes! AdHD is an imbalance in our bodies. Reading Dr Hallowell’s Delivered From Distraction was like reading my childhood memoirs – sadly. My doctor put me on medication right away. It has taken 8 years to get it right. BUT I had to demand that my meds get changed because they weren’t working. My jobs and home suffered but my doctor kept saying “just wait 6 more months”….FOR WHAT??? YOU MUST ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF!!!! AND YOUR CHILDREN. Doctors are just humans who studied in school. They are not miracle workers. Get a 2nd opinion. Ask questions, go into your appointments with written lists of questions, symptoms, concerns. Don’t just say “OKAY DOCTOR” and suffer for another year. Live the best life you can. Here is a quote from Dr Hallowell’s Wiki page. He is the guru of AdHD. Read his books, see him speak at schools, go to his office if you are lucky enough to live near Boston. QUOTE: {In 2012, Hallowell went on television in an advert with Ty Pennington and said “Undiagnosed, this condition can ruin your family life, ruin your school life. Among adults it leads to underachievement. The prison population is full of people with undiagnosed ADHD. The divorced, the unemployed, the addicted. It’s a good news diagnosis because if you get it you can skyrocket. You can soar. You can achieve your goals. You might be a straight-A student. You may be a Nobel Peace Prize winner. But you know you could be doing better. Go and get this diagnosis. 80% of adults don’t know they have it. Stimulants are very safe. See a doctor who knows what he or she is doing and it’s (Adderall) safer than aspirin”.} — JEFF K….DUMP YOUR DOC & GET HELP…YOU DESERVE A BETTER LIFE!!!