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I’ve recently been made aware of the term “high stim” ADHD . Essentially it means that unless the patient is immediately engaged in a highly enjoyable and satisfying activity, they become depressed and either lethargic or they complain constantly that they have nothing to do, have no friends, life sucks and is pointless etc. This matches my son perfectly. Getting him through school has been agonizing- every year was a constant battle to do homework, remember to hand it in, plan out his study time etc. because fundamentally their view of the world is “if doesn’t make me feel good right now – I’m not doing it.” They don’t learn from their mistakes because after they miss something or fail something, they change the narrative about what happened.. it was “someone else’s fault.. the teacher doesn’t like me.. I never got the email..”. And when you try to have a “lessons learned” conversation he responds by saying “this is all in the past, I can’t change he past, let’s just move on and drop this.” And then he goes back and makes the exact same mistake again.