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I feel particularly drawn to your post as my son is also 14 and a freshman in high school. He has always struggled to get to sleep. I will offer you a few things that have helped us. We removed all tv and electronic devices Sunday – Thursday, as sleep is most important on school nights. We also only allowed reading at and after bedtime, no toys, no games. He has become an avid reader these days, find exciting adventure books to keep his attention. The other thing we actually made him do that he hated me for(for about a year) is cross country, we started him as a seventh grader. First, it helped him burn off some of that extra energy. It gave him a social group, which are his closest friends now 3 years later. Because it’s a sport where it only depends on you for personal improvement, it also comes with confidence building right from the start. We made him join and stick it out. I understood how much it had helped him that first week it was over, when everything went back to chaos. Fortunately our are has a winter run club, which we had him do. If you as still skeptical let me share with you what he said to me last week, “Mom, I’m glad God made me with ADHD, it helps me to be really good at running.” Teammates ask him all the time how he has so much energy, and he proudly tells them he was born with the gift of extra energy called ADHD. He has embraced who he is, he has gained so much confidence and has learned the value of hard work and committing to a team and that he makes a difference as a part of the team. I should say that yes he also takes Vyvanse, and that is extremely helpful as well. I hope this is helpful, it has not been easy but to watch him thrive has been so worth it.

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  • This reply was modified 3 years, 9 months ago by Kimw4.