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Jeff, I’m 62 now and started taking Adderall at age 55 with no side effects other than I am much calmer and in better control of my emotions in general. I have been taking Bupropion, and a generic for Lexapro since I was 45. I was an undiagnosed child with ADD and didn’t know I had it until I went to the ADDitude web site and took the self test and read the symptoms. I discussed the possibility with my psychiatrist and was sent to a psychologist to interview with a written symptom evaluation and had to take home a questionnaire for my wife to fill out. I have combined-type ADHD so I need all the above medications to help me cope with ADHD and symptoms of depression and anxiety.
I too had to change doctors and after reading my chart and a lengthy conversation, he determined I should maintain the regimen of medications.
Don’t be too concerned about the warning on your Bupropion. By law all medications must list side effects, interactions, usage and precautions. Key words like “can” or “possibly”, etc. are to notify the patient a list of reactions to be aware of because some patients reported those symptoms to their doctors or pharmacists but not everyone suffers from any one or more of those symptoms. Just be sure to let your doctor know if you have any reaction(s) to your prescriptions.
Keep looking for a doctor that suits your needs who is willing to work with you not against you. It may take awhile but don’t be discouraged. It’s your life you’re the one who needs to be happy.