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Yeah, I was wondering about that…but funny thing happened at his therapists office. We got the boy talking!! Usually his sessions are a series of soft yes no head bobs, staring at his phone, not making eye contact, fidgety and mostly me talking. But when we started talking about his experience getting his appendix out he became this great story teller about his journey like the conversations he and I have one on one. Adam has expressed interest in cooking, teaching, or traveling so I’ve tried as best I can encouraging him each summer to try something related to one of those. We’ve been lucky, we were able to take trips to Disneyland and Disney World, then this past August the kids and I took a last hoorah before school started to see his cousins in virginia beach. The kid wants to take a trip out west, I keep encouraging him to plan it out, showed him several websites to aid in planning. So hopefully we’ll be able to do something in the summer!