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Just wanted to chime in before I go to bed, I am so thankful I saw this and read through the comments. I feel like I am taking crazy pills with my 14 year old. Everything mentioned…. I deal with the same. For the first time this year, he almost made honor roll, 1st time ever! He even had a nice financial incentive my parents offered. The last week, everything tanked. He actually chose not to hand in a ton of homework assignments. All of the zeros brought everything down. It was like a self sabotage. I cant understand it. I do think he has depression. I have depression, I take medication but its still never 100%. I don’t want him to have to go through life like me. There are so many things that having depression makes you miss out on. He has been diagnosed with dysgraphia in 2nd grade and executive functioning issues, but not add/adhd. He has always been a little reserved, aloof or a loner. But I also see him totally joking around with the neighbor (2 days apart in age and both friends since 1 year). But they are two very different kids. In my head, I constantly compare the two – NOT because I want my son to be #1 at everything…but as a baseline. The neighbor goes to baseball, knows what he wants to be. Likes quads, scooters, outside and active. He can check tire pressure, fix things because he is handy. My son has no interest. We are working with the school guidance counselor and he/we have a family one. We/I want to keep on top of this. He has broken down crying with the guidance counselor but he wont go into specifics. I told him he is like that Lego man police guy with two faces. I texted him and he sends me a nice text. I say hey want me to see if the tutor is available next week for anything? He texts back leave me alone. So I said you are like this guy… and sent a pic of the Lego man spinning his head around. I also have issues with my other son who is 9, but that’s an entire different chapter. There are several stress factors going on right now that do not help the circumstances, but I just keep moving forward, it will be OK. People have much worse health and finance situations, but it feels like it just us. Goodnight all.. thanks from CT!