Reply To: Help with Sleep


Please try to google about the following that could effect sleep

– “Blue light” from tv,cellphone/ipad,lamps, computers and more, you can get blue light blocker glasses. Light is soooo important, get sun light in the AM and blok blue light after 6PM and no monitors/bad light 1-3 hours before bedtime!!!! Google Dr Jack Kruse light is everything!!! Install F.lux on compoter and use the twilight on Iphone/pad

– If you live in a polludet city like LA, pollution also indoor pollution could be a deal for sleep, (MCS multible chimical Sensitiv)

– EMF from wifi routers, cell towers, cellphones even dirty electricity in you electrical wires…get your house measured by a professional (EHS Eletro Hyper sensitiv), ro get an idea

– this one helps me(ADD)