Reply To: Help with Sleep


My daughter has been a terrible sleeper since the day we brought her home from the hospital and didn’t start sleeping through the night consistently till about age 8 or 9 and still had trouble at least once a week for a long time. There came a point where she was anxious about bedtime, since she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to sleep and would be bored and alone during the night.

Here are the things that have helped her:
1. As the parent, try to be calm and reassuring about sleeping. There is no way to force it and that only makes it worse. Your son may be picking up on your frustration and/or anxiety about his sleep.
2. As the parent, be consistent and persevering about clean sleep hygiene.
3. Try Natural Calm and liquid melatonin. My daughter thinks NOW liquid melatonin works best. If she does wake during the night, the doctor said that it was fine to give her more melatonin.
4. Yoga or meditation may be helpful. My daughter thinks it is boring, but she was open to learning about belly breathing which is relaxing. Also, tightening and relaxing muscles starting at one end of the body and moving to the other is relaxing.
5. Chiropractic care – If there is a misalignment along the spine, it will create a block in appropriate messaging. I am taking my daughter to a chiropractor that specializes in infants and pediatrics.
My daughter’s sleep is not perfect but it is manageable. I hope that you find solutions that work for your family. Life is so much easier with sleep! You may also want to consider a sleep study. It is possible that the ADHD symptoms are caused by the poor sleep and not the other way around. Best wishes!