Reply To: Help with Sleep


Hello. I have the exact problem with my 9 yo son. Here are a few things I’ve noticed within the last year that effect sleep.
1. We avoid sugary drinks at dinner and/or before bedtime. Sugar makes my son super hyper.
2. Exercise. I’ve noticed that if I tire my son out he’ll go straight to bed with no need of any kind of slepping meds. For this, in the evenings we go walk around the mall for a few hours. We love to window shop. We have joined our local YMCA where they have an indoor pool. So, we spend many evenings swimming. Going hiking, biking or long walks.
3. I give my son Melatonin on days I haven’t been able to tire him out sufficiently and let him listen to audio books until he falls asleep.
I’m not big on meds and try to avoid them as much as possible. I have ADHD too and doing these things have helped me out as well. Honestly, keeping my boys busy really drains them out. I think all the stimulation of a busy day helps with sleep big time. Oh, and limiting screen time is another big thing. Instead of device, I went crazy and bought 4 or 5 different board games and we play as a family. This has helped bring us closer as a family which is great. Hope this helps and best of luck.