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Yes, yes, yes to all, my 17 year old son & I deal/have dealt with all the same issues. I too thought of letting my son fail; taking his phone brought out a side of him that was shocking to see since he’s addicted to it; he has shown no interest in driving; he’s smart but has no motivation to get passing grades and with the snowball effect graduating on time was a fantasy. He found an answer by taking the CHSPE and testing out of high school. And I have to say it’s been a relief for me too. At the same time though I feel I lost a year with him in a way if that makes sense. I have made peace with the idea that he may never go to college. But believe he can find a successful path in life. He has however spent the last 4 months playing video games and sleeping. I honestly believe he was just so beaten down by school he needed the time to recover. He just got a job yesterday so I’ve got my fingers crossed it will lead him in a positive direction although reading catinna72’s post worries me. Its a lonely journey since I have no one I can share the truth with and I’m comforted to find others going through this. I wish I had the answer for us or at least some good advice.