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My son is now 19 years old and it doesn’t seem to improve just because he is older. It was always a struggle in school from pre-k to H.S. He went to college last fall for one semester but he was just there, never went to class, ending up having to just withdraw him so not to have the financial burden/responsibility of paying for classes he never attended. He never obtained his drivers license although I encouraged him to get it before he went to college. Since January, he has worked at least 5 jobs, he is either let go during the probation period due to tardiness or absenteeism or lack of production/inability to meet expected requirement. He has always had trouble sleeping at night so of course it rolls into the day which is why he ended up not making it to class or work on time or at all in addition to the fact he doesn’t drive, therefore he is dependent upon others to get him to where he needs to go even if he’s up and ready on time. The other concern is the lack of effort dealing with self appearance-hygiene, personal care, etc.- which also hurts him in the work arena. It is more challenging to get him to take medication or go to counseling because he is now an “adult” although mentally he is still very much an adolescent in most areas. I just don’t know what to do, he’s aged out of everything that I have control of, now it’s up to him to seek assistance. Some of the reason I think he won’t get help, I believe to be pride, shame, embarrassment and the other may be that he doesn’t know how to go about getting help and he just doesn’t listen to me, always a reason or debate when I try to advise or tell him what to do. Praying!