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I have an almost 16 year old boy and I think it’s a little bit of what everyone said and would add that our son appears to be in some kind of incubation period. He’s growing fast, changing by the week. Remember when they were babies and we were told that they’d get crabby during developmental spurts? I think that is happening now.
Behaviorally, our son is just like y’all’s. My new mantra in choosing what battles I fight, and they’re only a few now, is do I want to have a long term relationship with my son? If so, I personally don’t think constant arguing will get me there. We’ve already tried that. Also, if he seems happy, and sometimes I do wonder, isn’t that enough? There are so many intense kids out there, I’m wondering if something won’t give with them at some point because so much is expected of them. Being a kid is still important. I do confess however, probably because I’m an older parent, that I worry about too much screen time, especially now that they’re using ipads at school. Don’t get me started there…