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Follow up. Buproprion is a known treatment for ADHD after ritalin based stimulants and dexamfetamine second. It is an antidepressant, not a stimulant, and is also used for smoking cessation( think dopamine increase to reduce craving from smoking cessation). All antidepressants, some more than others, can increase suicidal thoughts for a period after initiating the medication in some people at the beginning of therapy. However and it’s a big however- this isn’t generally (i.e 99.9% ish of the time) a problem in people who are significantly well into middle age- like me. Those under 25 are most at risk. The big scandal about this was, if I remember correctly, with Seroxat, aka paroxetine- a prozac-like drug that is in the group known as SSRIs. Ineffective in ADHD btw. The manufacturers suppressed(and/or denied when challenged) the findings of increased suicidal ideation ( ideas of suicide) in youths especially, that were found in their research studies.
This was after families of young people had reported increased ideas of suicide and had either attempted or had actually killed themselves. It wasn’t good. And there was a lot of money changed hands as a result. So now there is a near-mandatory reporting and warning given in some countries. So, to sum up- The drug does work but not in as many people as stimulants(what does?), 2. it’s highly unlikely to cause you to commit suicide. 3. the thoughts pass after a bit anyway 4. It’s a widely used drug but some people don’t get on with it, just like any old drug. 5. Get a second opinion.