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My ADHSD son is 17 and every semester he gets great grades on tests, but does not do the majority of the work because he is unmotivated and doesn’t care leaving his grades in shambles. He hates being nagged, but without nagging he won’t do anything. He doesn’t do chores, clean his room or even feel the need to leave the house on time without constant “nagging”. He says he will do it and then does not. When told he has to comply he then sends nasty texts during the day or is nasty to me in person. If I give a punishment the second I am not home he does the opposite. After procrastinating on driving for a year, he now wants his licence and I will not let him get it unless he gets his grades up, so now again, I am the problem. It is never his fault, always mine, the teachers or his siblings fault. I fear that he is not going to be able to hold a job, go to college or even graduate high school if he doesn’t make some drastic changes immediately.