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Hi All,

In my one day experience with this new generic, I will never take it again. Extremely disturbing that pharmacies are allowed to switch generic manufacturers without warning or notification, especially with controlled substances, being that some people are only allowed by their insurance companies to receive a certain amount. I have been taking concerta ER 27 for over two years – stamped alza27 – my first and last day of Trigen generic was a nightmare. After decades of trial and error plus my brilliant, patient, and knowledgeable doctor, I found a perfect balance of medication to rid my mind of constant suicidual thoughts, anxiety, depression and ADHD. My healthy state of mind is contingent on keeping my meds balanced which is impossible to do if these companies keep throwing the newest, cheapest things into the mix. It’s amazing to me how I’m told with condescending looks of disbelief and that I’m being overly dramatic or questioning looks as if I’m an addic, “that all I have to do is up or down the dose of the new med?” Like, wtf?! Excuse my language, but to suggest such a thing to a person that has been struggling with major depression her whole entire life, 2 attempted suicides at 14, I’m 47, is the most irrational, incompassionate and completely moronic thing to suggest. It disgusts me, that we, I, a sick and unproductive person when not medicated, is subjected to this irrational, incomprehensible, and ignorant suggestion, especially coming from an individual that has multiple degrees..

Last Sunday, I sat in my boyfriends kitchen, holding my head from a headache that wouldn’t quit, morbid thoughts beating down all hope and uncontrollable crying at the depth of the soul sadness in my heart. I fought all day as best I could to banish the garbage in my head with positive thoughts and gratitude lists but still I didn’t see any hope for living and those old, dreaded thoughts of I’m getting tired of fighting the pressure in my head to leave this place, came flooding back….

I’m not making this stuff up, nor do I like to return to that space I used to live in for years, so don’t tell me I’m making it up. Don’t tell me to up or lower my dose – mental health is a serious issue, it’s life or death for some of us and there should be laws protecting the consumer from pharmacies, insurances switching medication like this without warning or just simply because they feel like it. I wonder, how many people of committed suicide because their meds were switched from one generic to another? How many times have people had breakdowns because their meds were switched and their loved ones weren’t informed?

Anyway, I could go on, but I’ll lose my objective to warn all parents of switching their child from concerta ER to this new generic version. My motto, if it isn’t broke and there’s success DO NOT CHANGE IT!! It’s not worth being a quinia pig for something cheaper, it’s exhausting to switch and fail so try to pay the extra dollars, I’m sure the investment will yield huge returns, your baby is totally worth it!!

Thank you all for listening to my rant. It’s been a week since I had my real concerta ER and I’ve searched everywhere to find it. I’m angry, I’m frustrated, so I hope I can protect someone from having a similar experience.

Best Regards,