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“I am getting to the point of where I just want him to fail to where I can get my point across to him.” I’m afraid that the ADHD brain does not work that way, thanks to the issue with dopamine receptors & the reward centers of the brain not working they way they should. I think failure could just make things worse or not have the impact you hope it would. He’s already lacking passion, drive & motivation. Failure, in my opinion, will just add to that. Could he have ADHD-induced depression? You say he has no drive for “anything.” The meds seem to allow him to focus & do the bare minimum, but they also make have taken away his passion. It’s ironic because with ADHD we DO have drive, passion & the ability to hyperfocus on things that interest us. Of course, that focus & drive is often directed towards the wrong things & the wrong times! I’ve heard artists with ADHD often complain that when they take meds, their creativity is sucked dry. ADHD depression is a real thing. Non-ADHD people with depression also struggle with lack of motivation, passion, etc… which also appears to be an issue with dopamine. Maybe you can work on trying to figure out how to get more dopamine flowing through him (i.e.: a few minutes of exercising in the morning is a good & natural way) & see if that improves his motivation.

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