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ADHD affects different people in different ways. Your son sounds exactly like mine, now 15. I medicated him. We had to search for the right one – Concerta – but it changed his life,and mine too, for the better. But meds are not a panacea. He still struggles with metaphors and similes. Executive functioning is the reason. I did two other things – sent him to social skills camp – and put him in a program that assists ADHD kids -IN PUBLIC SCHOOL. If you want to get him re-evaluated, you should do it for your peace of mind to know you did everything your instincts said you should. He hasn’t made a 180 degree turn but I’m happy with the 145 degrees! He made 3 friends in the camp that he has held onto for years. Yep, multiple year friends he sees on a regular basis! Oh joy! when he was 10, I thought it would never happen and I cried about it a lot, I got educated through the tears and this website was a big part of it. Do what’s in your heart. It’s the best guide I’ve had!