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Hello Mum,
Your son has ADHD,its alright many people do but his uncontrollable anger shows that he does not feel loved and understood.He needs to feel that what he has is accepted by his mom and people around him.Don’t treat him like he has a condition or something, even so better make him socialise and hangout with other kids who share the same ADHD hence they’ll get along better cz they can relate and your son will feel happier with them.Donot pester him for medcines,but give him your time, love and attention.Make him feel that more than his grades you are concerned about his well being and happiness.Spend quality time with him,make him travel,socialise and have fun,rest will follow and his resistance to treatment will end to.As far as the broken relationship is concerned ,make him talk to you or a proper psychotherapist so he can face,accept and confront those emotions and let go to move on in his life.Most of the kids with ADHD are way smarter than other kids ,they just need to be loved,understood and cared for patiently and most of all they need to be accepted for who they are.Make him talk about things.Communication is the key to deal with anger issues.