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Children who have behavioral problems usually exhibit anger and violence. Thought it is very common it is not something that is normal. Parents should take immediate measures to curb such behavior and bring the child under control.

This can be done at home or through external help from psychiatrists. However, there is a deeper reason why your child is being so violent and exhibiting anger. Most of the times the causes for such behavior patterns in the child is the parents themselves. If you display violence towards the child or there is violence in the marriage, the child is likely to pick up on such behavior patterns. Children learn what they see in their environment.

The best possible way of helping an angry and defiant or impulsive child is through talking to the child in a calm and collected manner. There are some specific behavior techniques to help such children. First of all, figure out what your child’s problem is. If they have poor social skills, then help them to make friends and encourage them to mingle with people. When the child is angry, find the root cause of the anger and then solves it. Also let them know that they need not display such an extreme amount of violence. Children can get angry over trivial issues but they need not display violence for that. Teach them alternative techniques like breathing deeply or counting until ten if they are angry. Getting them into the habit of drinking water and relaxing is also a good technique to help them control their anger.