Reply To: Cub Scouts- Our Lifesaver


I wholeheartedly agree! My son is part of Boy Scouts and we love our Troop. It seems to give enough structure and rules balanced with tangible awards (merit badges) and skill building that my son is really thriving in it.

The BSA is going digital now, so like the original poster said you can find packs, dens and troops online. All of those are more than welcoming to newcomers. Also, in August/September a lot of packs, dens and Troops have a sort of open house to attract new recruits. I’d look for a group that has long term leadership that is willing to talk to parents about ADHD or other disabilities. Our leaders are more than accommodating and accepting but also work to help teach independent skill sets – simple things like properly folding a sleeping bag or preparing eggs over a camp fire.

OP – Good luck on your kiddos Arrow of Light if you’re going for that. I know our troop is starting rehearsals to present the arrow of light to some Webelos soon. Good luck in Boy Scouts next year. It’s a lot of fun!