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When my son was diagnosed with ADHD, we felt it best that we tell him. Since the diagnosis was made post Neuropsych testing, our admission went along with why he was going to the appointments in the first place. Additionally, we found it fair that we tell him something that involved him so we could work together on working with it.

At first, sonny boy took it hard! He was very angry at me for letting the doctor “make such a diagnosis” about him and say that he was mentally ill. It took some time to talk him down (keep in mind, he runs at about a Level 8 to begin with. Any news to rock the boat and he may go through the ceiling!) I reassured him that he was not “mentally ill” and that this diagnosis did not change who he is.

This was also the first time that my son would be taking medication. After doing our research and discussing our options with our child psych, we decided on Vyvanse, 20mg. I wanted my son to know what the medicine was for and why he was taking it plus stress that the medicine was not WHO HE IS. It was only there to help him focus a bit more and tamp down the impulsive behavior that ran him into trouble at school.

It did not take long for my son to get over his upset. When he was angry or disappointed about the diagnosis, we talked through it. I would ask him how he was feeling after taking the medicine, help him learn to identify whether or not he was feeling like himself or was the dose “too much.”

I knew we had turned a corner when fidget spinners hit the scene last spring. My son was building up quite a collection and one day looked up and me and brightly said “mama, did you know, these were originally made for people with ADHD!”

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