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Bozidar, I really feel for your situation. I am sorry that I cannot be of more help and support to you – all I can do on here is offer you a great big HUG, just as I did for Vsmcver above. I cannot imagine what it must be like to live with this condition. As far as the man I was involved with – I can only say that being open and honest would have made SUCH a difference to our relationship. He kept (and still does) everything bottled up and never wanted to talk about what was going on in his head. I tried to carefully open him up, but he would get very anxious, hit the roof and dash off or ask me to leave. Talking is such a wonderful therapy. It helps the other people to undersand what you are going through and it also helps you to see things from their perspective. Do you have anyone you can talk to? I know it is probably scary, but I am sure that will open the door to your feeling better. Friends, family, a doctor, church leader, self-help group? There must be others out there who understand – and I am sure this forum is a big help – it has certainly helped me to understand what my man must be going through. There is no shame in being born with something you would rather not have – it is not your fault, and I a sure if you open up you will find there are lots and lots of people who will be sympathetic and want to help. Is there no hope now with your ex-girlfriend. Even having her as a friend would be of huge benefit to you, as she kows you well. Try to find a doctor who truly understands the condition. Once again, I extend a big, big hug to you, and everyone else who suffers through this afflicton, including the family members and friends. It is not an easy thing to understand. I hope things improve for you, and you can find a way forward, and some peace in your life. Lorna xx