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Once I was a 16 year old who had been invited to stay aaway from school until i had completed all my missing home work. It didnt matter that i was underage and could ace any test or exam they dreamed up….i just did not work from home. Detention on the other hand was a great place to finish assignments and in an hour in detention i could get 3 hours work completed. I had worked part time the previous two summers and during weekends so getting a job the not good ones was not only doable but essential. My fathers rule was you got to choose, attend school or pay roomand board. Everything I did at home was to escape that gnawing feeling of being worthless cuz i couldnt do what was expected. Escape in my case was TV. A few months of working these entry level jobs and after buying a new car with my sister i realized that there was no money left after paying for the car. I knew i needed to at least finish my highschool if not continue on . A
An ad caught my attention i think but maybe someone told me about an armed forces program in the early 6 that would complete my education and earn a living. I also hoped i might learn enough discipline to overcome my other issues and yes i am a raging ADDer.
It worked and unlike here, New Zealand is not at war with anyone right now. I think training like that might give your son that confidence and skills to be whatever he wants to be. Even if they dont have an education program right now they will likely assist him with night school or any other study program he under takes.

You are right we do take forever to grow up. And 22 now is 1960s 16 or 18.
I ended up as cosultant business owner earning $250/hr. A comfortable 6 figure salary in Benefis and Pensions. Til i retired in 2005 at age 60.