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Penny Williams

This special parenthood sure isn’t easy. As late teens and young adults, our kids should be taking care of themselves by societal standards, but they’re developmentally delayed and don’t mature until several years past their peers.

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Is he interested in horticulture? Truly interested? I ask because it doesn’t seem like it. Either he’s not interested in this area, or there are other barriers to him succeeding with these courses. It might be wise for him to try some different things out and see what he really enjoys. Motivation for those with ADHD comes from interest.

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I would suggest drawing up a contract with him. He can expect from you: a roof over his head, food, love, and support… and you expect that he works and contributes to the household, whether that be financially or by helping around the house and with the other children. Both parties sign and both parties have to follow through or the easier lie staying at home won’t be an option. Ultimately, your next step has to be something you feel is beneficial.

If you can hire an ADHD coach, I’d strongly encourage that too.

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