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qwerty, I loved your post. You cannot change your past, but you can take the lessons you’ve gleaned and learned from it to make a better future. Learn to be grateful for the good you’ve received and make the best of it. You’ll be surprised at what this alone will do for you and your family. BTW, you’d make a wonderful disciple of Mike Rowe For that, I applaud you for your post and hope it brings a sense of solidarity and hope for ADHDers, kids, parents, etc et al and so forth ….because today’s kids need to grow up slower, learn how to use their hands MAKING THINGS and learning how to make the best out of whatever circumstances they face in life. I’d much rather walk into a room filled with kids braggin’ and hollerin’ with joy, laughter while they’re playing a real board game on a cardtable, or catch that never-dies-crayon smell that comes from crackin’ open a box of crayons and putting them to play. I was never one of those kids who followed my kindergarten teacher’s instructions to “stay within the lines.” Sorry Sister, but what else would you expect from that same kid some sixty years ago who dared to find out what happened when you applied crayons to blackboards. She wasn’t amused … then. Hey, here’s an idea, have a basket by your door on Thanksgiving and tell all the kiddos, “adults” and real kids alike to leave their cyber toys they’ve become too addicted to in the basket, or leave a buck to buy a box of crayons.

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