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Yes, same here. He received a diagnosis from a psychologist. He bailed on the last appointment with the psychiatrist in the practice – for the final diagnosis. He got a prescription for Wellbutrin from his general practitioner. He can’t even keep up with that prescription. He is self medicating with beer and diet pills and all sorts of herbal supplements. I can tell the difference when he takes the medication. However,he thinks the diagnosis is the end of the story and “it is what it is.” He doesn’t understand how his ADHD affects me and the family. In fact, I think he doesn’t see me at all and is unable to consider me when making decisions or choosing a course of action. Right now, he’s working a LOT. That’s his focus. As always. In the meantime, I have a new job and graduate level classes. 12 hour days and classes. Nice. Most spouses would offer help. Nope. 15 years. He’s at about 13 years old maturity wise.