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I feel your pain, OP. I work from home as a freelancer. I love the flexibility, but with ADHD (I have the inattentive variety) it’s a blessing and a curse. Working in an office, I was forced to stay on a routine which masked the problem. Now that I have no routine, and my productivity suffers. I find myself wasting way too much time on social media when I should be working. At the end of the day I wonder where all the time went, and I feel awful about myself. I also start getting into gear by late evening when I should be winding down and getting ready for bed like “normal” people. I wind up staying up too late and waking up late which sets the tone for the next day. Rinse and repeat. It ends up being the same thing every day. I always intend for things to be better the next day and have such high hopes for myself. Too bad we can’t PM on this site, but maybe that’s a good thing. That would be yet another distraction to keep me from my work. I would love to have an accountability partner who also has the same struggles I do. My boyfriend doesn’t have ADHD and doesn’t understand how mentally exhausting it is to stay focused. ARGH!!!! Sorry, I have found “my people” and had to get that rant off my chest. LOL

But getting back on topic, I wouldn’t disclose any of the issues you mentioned to an employer. You don’t want to plant any seeds of doubt. Since you have determined that social isolation is a major problem for you, that should be relatively easy to fix by finding a shared workspace. You said,”while we do have a local office where I live, I don’t think he has the power to bring me into it.” I wouldn’t make that assumption. If you would like to work in the local office, I think you should make it known. You never know what strings he can pull or what connections he has. The other thing you said, “hoping that when the work became more challenging that it’d be easier to stick with.” Another solution might be to find a more challenging position either within or outside of your current company. You mention that your last job was “super engaging.” ADHD + Boredom don’t mix. Maybe that’s why you felt empowered. Could you tell your manager that you don’t feel challenged enough, would like more responsibility or something along those lines? Then maybe you could devise some plan of action which could help you set some professional goals. If you don’t have enough work to do, working in a shared workspace won’t matter. You’ll just be playing on your phone in another location with other people around. The only benefit of this job seems to be the fact that it lets you live with your boyfriend. In reading your post, you don’t state whether you actually like the job. Is it worth staying if you’re not happy there?