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Hi everyone!

I really appreciate everyone’s responses and advice. So we did just get married, and I thought I was going to be a mess on the altar but I was actually calm and only cried while dancing with my Dad. My now husband has been making an effort to keep his temper calmer and control his outbursts. I teach special ed and I am around children with ADHD all day, every day. And it just hit me. We are together because God knows his disability and his issues and I am always extremely patient and understanding, and my now husband knows that. Our wedding day was legit the best day we have ever had together. It was the moment of clarification that I think we both needed. He was stressed at one point over taking pictures and I just took his hand and said, “Ok lets stay calm we got this and we want to remember everything from this day.” And he just looked at me and was like thank you for calming me down. He told me I am his rock. I’m always the calm one and the voice of reason. Do I feel that all of my needs are being met emotionally? No I don’t but thats what therapy is for, for me! Our entire relationship has been so much work and I know marriage will be even more work. As a special ed teacher I will keep working with him to work through his issues, and thankfully he takes me seriously when I give him advice. This forum has made me feel so much better!