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I have a 16 year old that will still occasionally have outbursts but they’ve been so much better since he was put on the lowest dose of sertraline. We hadn’t realized that his anger stemmed from some depression and anxiety. We’d had him last year on ADHD meds but those seemingly made him more volatile so in December of last year we took him off meds. His grades began to slip though and he barely passed a couple of his sophomore classes. When he started his junior year we spoke to another psychiatrist who really listened. He suggested the antidepressant med and gave him the lowest dose to start with and said a higher dose would be needed within a few weeks, however, my son has experienced a positive change and for the first time he’s said the meds are really helping his mood. They’ve even helped with school as he’s not so anxious so he’s able to focus better.
We’d tried different stimulants in the past but unfortunately they all had the same effect on him; he was more anxious and angrier on them. He was like a ticking time bomb. The antidepressant has worked wonders giving me a happier, calmer teen.