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This is a carbon copy of my life and my 7 yr old sons, except compared to your son he is happier at home and not happy at school. He’s not on medication. I’m just learning to cope with my own diagnosis- this year- and I always wondered what was wrong and why someone so smart as me evidently made such stupid choices. One thing that really helped me deal with my son’s outbursts was to ignore all the judgements etc no matter where from and just remember he is a little boy who feels lost. Constant praise, constant kindness and constant remembering that these are thoughts, they will pass has helped. We have a small trampoline in the house-the kind you get at gym classes-and if he gets down on himself we try to get him on the tramp for an energy kick. That and reversing any possible low blood sugar helps as well. Keep going, you and he will get through. You are doing great- we can all tell from your posts. Kind /regards,

Tim A