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Thank you guys so much for the advice and the encouragement!
I appreciate both your outlook on living with ADD.. I can only imagine the struggle it can have on you. The fatigue is something he brings up regularly and is like if only I can put you in my body so you can feel what i feel! I used to think he was lazy but I know he isn’t 🙂 Can I ask one more question. how does ADD/HD affect a person’s emotional state, specifically controlling anger and frustrations… he has never been good at doing this and usually results in him yelling, name calling insults and behaving like someone else. I know he doesn’t mean it and he doesn’t want to behave like this.. he is seeing his psychologist weekly now which is great… I just wanted to know if this ADD thing affects things like this?
I mean when I’m sick he is SO ATTENTIVE, when I need to focus he helps keep my son entertained so I can work, he brings me flowers and makes an effort to cook dinner, he makes me laugh soo much and not the kind of laughing to be nice but like real laughing lol…he is amazing I love seeing how loving he can be.. but then he shows a different side where I am called all sorts of names and turns into an arsehole (only in a fight when it’s reached a point where I can see he is struggling to maintain composure and he always thinks that “I’m not listening” when I really am.. I’m reflective listening and answering back with his own words. I don’t get it) Sometimes he says things that really make no sense but I see that in his head it does..
He is determined to work at this.. apart from everything we’ve been through… we don’t want to give up.. I’m in this but the name calling is something I need to stop because my son can’t see that behaviour as normal. I work with troubled teens, mental illness, disabilities.. I know what is tolerated and whats not but name calling and yelling going off his rocker is the one thing I am struggling with a lot atm.
Thank you guys again, I want to learn so much about this so we can grow stronger instead of apart.