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Yes. This seems to be a typical experience. Seems like with ADHD there can be a difficulty with frustration tolerance and emotional regulation. Sometimes I can’t even believe the extent and intensity of these outbursts and that it’s my son – he’s typically not like that but when he goes into them he can be aggressive, yelling, crying, begging, and completely “lose his mind” for lack of better terms. I find I can sometimes see it coming ?? Or at least in retrospect can say that I should have seen it coming ? – But like if he is sick, has a headache, is hungry, had a frustrating day in school, is being asked to complete a difficult/tedious/frustrating task, or if he is on video games for any extent of time and asked to get off – these things can be “triggers” for him. It helps to at least know even though sometimes it can’t be prevented. Talking about it after wards can be a help. I know my son does not like these “episodes” and does not feel good about them – so work together to find solutions without giving in I’d say is important.