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All this hyperfocus this and hyperfocus that, help, help- what do we do with ADHDers addicted to Video Gaming…so sad, so draining, so tragic. I have a smart chronological 18 year old (actual 14-15 yr old) that truly does not seem interested in doing anything except gaming. He just failed out of his first college class and now lays in bed all day gaming. He games 20 hours a day nonstop?? He is not eating, not checking BG (Type I DM) and not sleeping. I don’t think he would care if he was in jail, as long as he could game?! This Does not feel like hyperfocus.
3 out of the 4 high school years, he did the same thing despite punishments, rewards, token systems. He did not seem to understand that he cannot game 24/7, therefore, we are just “mean”. Finally, in his senior year he stopped doing anything, so my husband and I did the work just to get him a diploma!?! That was the last thing I ever wanted to do (I do Not want to enable) but the school was just ready for him to “be gone” and would have graduated him with all “D”s, despite no work.
I am trying to get my hands on his devices the best I can but I can’t- Did I say he’s smart? He is hiding them. He is so dysfunctional, I just could not put him out on the street. Because we stand between him and his devices he tries to tell everyone we are abusive but his psychologist and psychiatrist are the ones that told us to take his devices. He is very adversarial toward us and really avoids talking with us at all. We do not have a lot of options for ADHD treatment in our area. I filled out several applications for minimum wage work and he did go to the interview and is suppose to start tomorrow but I fear he will not do well given his inability to stop gaming. What do we do to help him? Does anyone have any ideas?