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Never heard of any connection between pain sensitivity and ADD, but I have ADD and a high capacity for tolerating pain. I don’t generally have the option of getting injuries treated, nor do I have paid sick leave, or a car to get me to work. So, I just figured that having suffered any number of injuries and illnesses without medical care I had just gotten used to dealing with pain. I had a recent leg injury that looked really ugly, but … I have over a mile walk to work and no paid sick leave, so for a week I was walking 2 miles a day on it. Like they said in the old Kung Fu TV series: “Of course it hurts. The trick is not minding.” Finally got to see a doctor in a free clinic. He was shocked when he saw the state of it and said I was probably going to need orthopedic surgery. I didn’t need surgery after all, but apparently my response was way out of proportion to the severity of the injury, and I could have done severe damage by ignoring the pain and continuing to walk on it. So, maybe there is some connection between ADD and high pain tolerance.