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As far as the two parent household thing – I find that the kids in our house go to me for certain things and my husband for other things. I’m the coordinator, the master of school projects, the shopper of groceries and posterboard, the fixer of toys, the healer of boo boos, the do-er of hair, and the praiser of efforts (so anything in one of those categories, kids are coming to me.

Flip side, husband is the maker of fun-the knower of all things pop culture-the artist-the man with the patience for a thousand questions about the color of the sky — so the kids go to him for certain things.

I have certain strengths my husband does not and vice versa. The kids seem to pick up on that. And I think that’s a good thing. Because while I might be really good at coordinating a schedule – I lack the patience my husband has when doing homework with my son. I think everyone is a little happier when we recognize the other parent’s strengths and utilize them.