Reply To: Vyvanse & Focalin


Thank you, ADHDMomma. Yes, I had heard of the allergy med to help stimualte appetite (read on the net) only AFTER I had taken him off the med. I had complained to his ped so often about his weight loss, looking for options, and I was surprised this wasn’t brought up. But, like you said, they aren’t experts in medication nuances like a psychiatrist would be.

On the calorie dense foods, well, I’ve tried it all. He has sensory issues, especially with taste and texture. Getting him to eat healthy food and healthy fats has been an on-going battle since I introduced solid foods to him at 6 mos old. I have made countless smoothies for him in the past (only for him to gag on it, take 30 minutes to drink it, then throw it up) and using different ingredients. I let him have milkshakes anytime he wants, etc, etc. I even took him to a health food store to let him try different kinds and flavors of weight gainer shakes. He would only drink 1 a day, which helped maintain weight instead of gain. I buy Nat valley Organic Fuel and he will usually drink one after sports. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Anyway, the heart palps, weight loss, and the possibility that Vyvanse has stunted his growth gives me great pause. I am meeting with a specialist this week and he seems to have some ideas on some medication combos that may be helpful.

Thank you for your post, I will continue to read up on the subject, thank you!